End Of The Year Review – 2016

2016 flew by so fast… It’s been a year with ups and downs, and also the year I started blogging. The most important part is that it’s been a year where we’ve made good progress as a business and solidified our operations.

The highlights of the year:

January: Starting really building a long term team.

July: Attending Affiliate World Europe 2016, in Berlin, with 2 other team members.

September: 1 year anniversary of our first full time employee (Dex, here’s to many more 😉 )

November: Becoming junior moderator on StackThatMoney.com

December: Invited by MobVista on their panel at AWA 2016.


Although changes happen often, the most surprising and pleasant developments happened towards the end of the year, by being offered a moderator position on STM, and invited on MobVista’s expert panel at Affiliate World Asia.

First off, if you have read through this blog and the beginner’s resources, you must know that I always recommend STM as the best community for starting your online marketing journey. It’s the forum that gathers real experts that have active businesses. It’s not a forum where gurus pitch their outdated systems, and it’s not a sales forum where affiliate networks and advertisers parade mindlessly. Its purpose is to create successful affiliates. Moderators and experienced members always chime in for issues from how to setup hosting, to how to structure your team, and a common one nowadays: what’s that VAT thing in Europe, and how do you work with it? (answer to that one is that you should ask a tax consultant who knows your business, because tax law is complicated and VAT is no different; nobody presents themselves to be an expert on topics they are not truly certain of).

As for MobVista, they have been our main partner in terms of CPI campaigns. I was surprised when our account manager thought of me as a good fit since, but I was certain I want to take this opportunity. Although this was my first time on stage, the feedback was overwhelmingly good. I think the panel had a good mix of experts from different sides of the industry. The topic was China – Unlocking Affiliate Marketing’s Biggest Opportunity, and I was joined on stage by Constantin, Managing Partner at Codeface Media, and Benny Zheng, Business Operations General Manager at MobVista. We talked about eCommerce, utilities, gaming, M&A in China/with Chinese ad-tech companies, running FB traffic from China, buying traffic in China, building a team in China… Essentially, whether you wanted to do business from China or with China, this panel had someone who knew about what steps you have to take.

After the conference I enjoyed a bit of time off in Phuket, Thailand, then in Romania for the winter holidays with my family.

As you can see, the end of the year was quite busy and it’s also one of the reasons the blog lacked any updates. There were too many things going on at once, that I couldn’t update about just one of them.

Now we are well into 2017, so it’s time to get back to work and continue the progress going. I wish everyone a healthy and successful new year!

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Emanuel Cinca, aka Manu

My story starts in Lipova, Romania, a town of about 10,000 inhabitants, where I was born in a working class family. Growing up in a family that had a shaky financial base and relied solely on month to month wages, and sometimes on short term loans from friends, I knew that I a) didn’t want to get a regular job EVER, and b) I want to have true financial independence.

Fast forward to my high school days, I got admitted into the number one high school of Arad county, “Moise Nicoara” National College. Don’t ask me why they call it a college, that’s just the translation from Romanian. I had a passion for technology and computers, so it seemed natural that I wanted to get into the so called informatics class.

The 4 years here taught me that:

1. Where you come from has little to no impact on your ability to learn, your skills and their value

2. Being number one high school is overrated

3. In the standard educational system, you are not allowed to excel at something, until you have proven to be above average at everything else.

4. Grades are an extremely flawed measurement of someone’s skills

5. I know myself better than anyone else, so I should make my decisions, not anyone else, and I should be OK with the consequences.

These learnings will be reflected in some of my posts here.

After high school, I quit University after 2 months in… TWICE! One time I quit Computers and Information Technology, and the second time I quit Business Administration.

During these years I also developed a passion for poker. I was a content producer at the world’s biggest online poker school for 2 years, and I wrote a book with a Maths professor from Nottingham and TT, who also blogs here. The book is called The Education of a Modern Poker Player.

I moved to Vienna in 2013, at TT’s initiative, and had several failed ventures together, all leading up to what is now Adefy.

I have a keen interest in psychology and in data, which makes performance marketing such a great industry for me. I blog about these topics, sometimes adding education, personal development, and management to the mix.

Interested in: Psychology. Marketing. Management. Investing. Startups. Entrepreneurship.

Hobbies: Reading. Fitness. Football. Travelling.

Connect with me:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emanuelcinca

Twitter: https://twitter.com/manu_adefy

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emanuel.cinca.35

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