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Innovation for Media Agencies

Want super-smooth native animated mobile ads that load instantly? We've got you covered.

What We Offer

Smaller & Faster Mobile Ads

As agencies push the boundaries of what is possible on mobile, large file sizes, performance issues, and difficulty rendering 3D creatives have become bottlenecks for HTML5 rich media.

  • Technology

    Adefy NRM ads render natively at the application level, achieving performance and flexibility far beyond what traditional HTML5 rich media can reach.

  • Authoring Tools

    Our Ad Editor brings out the strengths of our NRM technology, introducing a unique workflow tuned for animation-heavy mobile creatives. Craft interactive, realtime-rendered scenes for your publishers, using a powerful keyframe-based animation system and integrated 2D physics engine.

  • Early Adopters

    Simply put, our mobile ad rendering technology offers more flexibility than we know what to do with. We are looking for 5 Early Adopters to work closely with us and craft the perfect media agency platform.

Adefy NRM Ads

An industry unique format

We've developed a unique ad format that renders natively using GL ES 2 on all devices. With an integrated physics engine and true native render speeds, advertisers can craft experiences for users on-par with modern mobile games.

Early Adopters

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